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35€12,024€13,827⬆️ €1,803
40€24,114€33,310⬆️ €9,196
45€36,271€60,765⬆️ €24,494
50€48,494€99,452⬆️ €50,958
55€60,786€153,966⬆️ €93,180
60€73,145€230,783⬆️ €157,638
65€85,572€339,027⬆️ €253,455

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How does it work?

We make it easy to get a better return with your savings by investing your money for you in index funds. Rather than picking individual stocks such as Tesla, Apple or Facebook and tracking them every day, index funds are a way to buy the whole market. Essentially, you own a small portion of thousands of companies throughout the world. This makes your investment diversified, low-risk, and best suited for the long term, with a far better return than your savings account.

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